All Terrain Learning. Mobile tech makes learning possible anywhere and anytime

In the digital age, mobile tech offers teachers some tantalising choices about pedagogy and puts kids into the driver’s seat of learning… According to the Horizon Report – an annual publication that “charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and research, creative inquiry” – Internet-capable mobile devices will outnumber computers by the end of… View Article

The Use of AR Drones in Education

In June 2012, Parrot released the AR.Drone 2.0. After their initial release in 2010, it was one of the first commercially available drones that was affordable to the general public. Armed with a 720p HD camera, filming at 30 frames per second, with an internal 3D magnetometer sensor that automatically stablises itself in mid air,… View Article

Discovering Google for Education – Some insights from Jim Sill

Recently, Jim sill (Google Apps certified trainer and teacher) and Release the Geek provided an extraordinary learning session around discovering and implementing Google Apps in education. After the session, Jim put together some feedback on the session and what learning outcomes participants can expect after attending these sessions. What you found interesting and what you… View Article

Mobile versus Portable – future-proofing your eLearning Strategy

My first conversation with Lachy (a year 6 student in my class) on a Monday morning typically starts with him excitedly proclaiming, “Phill…I’ve got a great app for you!  Check this out!” I immediately give him my full attention – for beyond Twitter, Lachy is a steady source of the most amazing learning tools, all… View Article

Sports Technology Conference 2016 – Technology Tools for the PE teacher

During the last year over 2,000 teachers attended our Professional Learning events. It was made quite clear from feedback that educators require greater support in the area of technology. As a result this year’s conference will raise the awareness of the empowering options of technology in sport. This year’s theme titled, ‘Technology tools for the… View Article

Meet keynote speaker Phill Cristofaro!

We are delighted to have Phill Cristofaro as the keynote speaker for our upcoming technology conference in Uluru – ‘Technology for the Top End’. Phill has an extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies when adopting new technologies in the classroom. With more than 20 years experience as a classroom teacher and more than 10… View Article

New 2015 events! Don’t miss out!

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching our 2015 event calendar soon. This year we’ve planned a series of valuable events for teachers and ICT coordinators that will provide opportunities to broaden subject knowledge, reinvigorate the passion for their subject and share best practice with peers. Coming events in 2015: Leading an iPad… View Article

Article: 5 important things to consider when implementing iPads in your school

Derrimut Primary School adopted the Apple iPad as our technology tool for teaching and learning beginning 2013. This meant that all students in years 3-6 were provided with a 1:1 school leased iPad whilst our students in Prep to Year 2 had access to shared iPad trolleys. In previous years, netbooks were our 1:1 device… View Article

21st Century Science Teaching

The Difference Between Fact-Acquisition and Meaning-Making  Two news stories from last year contrast with each other so starkly that they should provoke critical self-examination in science teachers. Story 1 In 1990, Encyclopædia Britannica announced their most profitable year to date.  Last year – just 22 years later, they announced that they would cease printing the… View Article

Welcome to Release the Geek!

Welcome to Release the Geek!  We are an Australian based ICT and Professional Learning consulting company. We specialise in tailored ‘Professional Learning events’ that cater to Australian school needs. Our services include Conferences, Workshops, School hosted events, and ICT consulting services.  If you would like to know more about our services please click here or… View Article