Sports Technology Conference 2016

This event was on April 2, 2016

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Sport Technology Conference 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Sports Technology Conference proudly hosted by Release the Geek Professional Learning and Events.

During the last year over 2,000 teachers attended our Professional Learning events. It was made quite clear from feedback that educators require greater support in the area of technology. As a result this year’s conference will raise the awareness of the empowering options of technology in sport.

This year’s theme titled, ‘Technology tools for the PE teacher’ is aimed at giving  ALL PE teacher professionals the confidence of seeing real technology tools that can improve teaching and learning.

Release the Geek Professional Learning and Events has fostered their many relationships in the professional sporting spectrum to bring together a plethora of sports and presenters to support all sport related teachers.

The aim of the presentations will be to:

  • How technology is used in professional sport
  • How they can use technology in their everyday practises
  • New ways to motivate students through technology
  • Different technology being used internationally, nationally and locally in schools and in major sports
  • How technology supports the health and well being of students
  • How technology can support and improve teaching and learning


Meet some of our presenters

  • AFL Coaches including Kangaroos Assistant Coach Darren Crocker
  • Managing Director of Sportsgeek Sean Callanan
  • Managing Director of Champion Data Tim Kelsey
  • Head of Sportstec Video Analysis and applications
  • Leading Teachers using Technology to advantage
  • Leading coaches and IT Analysis Leaders
  • Many many more

Presenters will be featured on a regular basis with brief descriptions of their conference session.

Keynote speakers


Sean Callanan
Engaging Fans in a Digital World

Sports Geek’s Sean Callanan will show how sports fans and participants are engaged with sports via social & digital media.

Sean understands the sports digital landscape. Connecting sports, fans & sponsors using technology is his mission. Sports Geek is connected with over 1,000,000 Facebook fans with clients in the NBA, AFL, NRL & Cricket.  You can hear him on Sports Geek Podcast on the top ranking sports digital podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.  See him live at sports conferences in Australia, New Zealand & USA for more info go to, he is a steering committee member for SEAT Conference driving the digital track.  Sean also founded Beers, Blokes & Business podcast which is currently #1 Business podcast in Australia.  Another successful side project was the Super Awesome Micro Project, which Sean was a patron and drove the digital and social initiatives with the project that garner major media attention from MashableWiredNBC & BBC as well as over 3 million YouTube views in 5 days.

Sports Geek launched Digital Cheer Squad, a sports fan engagement web product built for sports teams at the 2011 NBA Draft with the Minnesota Timberwolves find out more at Digital Cheer Squad is currently used by teams in AFL, NRL, Cricket & Rugby across Australia & New Zealand.

Sean lives & breathes sports digital you can find him on Twitter @SeanCallanan & connect with him on LinkedIn.


Tim Kelsey
AFL Statistics – How it became sophisticated and how you can apply this to your team

There is a long history of the collection and analysis of statistics in Australian Football. Given the unique nature of the sport this collection and analysis has become highly complex and sophisticated and encompasses facets of the game from match day strategies and tactics, pre match planning, player profiling, player conditioning and advanced analysis of vision. Champion Data will explain how this has evolved, how elite clubs use the information today and what aspects you might apply in your field.

Tim Kelsey is the Managing Director of Champion and has worked for the company for the last twelve years. Prior to this he worked as a Fund Manager and as a Chartered Accountant. Champion Data was established in 1995 and commenced operations from 1996 in Australian Rules Football, adopting and developing the pinnacle of professional calling standards for the collection of scores and statistics. But Champion Data aspired to go beyond this and in the process uncovered a rich vein of new content to tell the Story of the Game, who won and why. Developing enhanced or qualitative measures of the game like no other had previously done including hard ball get, contested mark and clanger – all AFL innovations. In 1998 the company was contracted by a consortium of the AFL, News Corporation and the Seven Network to provide cutting edge technology via the provision of live data feeds to television and the internet site In 1999 Champion Data secured a licence as the official provider of statistics to the AFL a licence it continues to hold today. The company has continued its journey developing best practice solutions in a range of sports and continuing to tell the Story of the Game through the development of enhanced and synthetic statistics.


Phill Cristofaro – Unreal Footy Teaching kids from the Coach’s Box
Who owns the learning?In schools today, there is a strong push to get kids more involved in leading their own learning. Unreal Footy is an innovative and engaging way to teach students from grade 3 to year 8 about the mathematics of sport. Teachers can create a fantasy league for the classroom, allowing kids to recruit and manage their own team and pitting their maths skills against each other. This unique and hands-on session puts participants in the Coach’s Box to see how statistics, mathematics and sport come together in the classroom.
Read more about Phill here


Darren Crocker – Technology in the AFL
Darren will be joined by Performance Analysis Manager for the Kangaroos Jason Lappin to discuss how AFL technology can be used at school level. On a weekly basis technology is used at many levels including fitness, game day, analysis and set plays. 
Read more about Darren here.


Sean Callanan – Developing a Social Content & Conversational Plan
In this workshop Sean will share with participants:

  • How you can tell your story using Social Media platforms
  • How to use Facebook,Twitter & Instagram to develop a tighter relationship with your community and fan base
  • All participants will get a copy of slides presented & Sports Geek’s template for Social Content & Conversational plan

Read more about Sean here.

Tim Rouse –
Use of Video/Performance Analysis in Schools: Classroom to Competition

In this workshop Tim will share with participants:

  • How performance analysis and is being used by leading sporting schools
  • How best to incorporate all sports and coaches in performance analysis.
  • Demonstrations of how to deliver the vision efficiently and easily to students
  • How to use the software as a learning tool in the classroom
  • Demonstrations of how to use split screen analysis, ghosting, drawing tools and databasing to assist in skill acquisition and biomechanics

Read more about Tim here.


Michal Ha
Michael Ha – Technology in the HPE clasroom
Physical education and digital technology are two entities that are often perceived to be polar opposite, and at times contradict each other. It is commonly understood that because video game console have been identified as one of the causes of increase sedentary behavior and decreased physical activity, implementing technology in a physical education classroom would result in similar affects.In this hands-on session, we will bust these myths, and explore how to effectively integrate technology into your HPE classroom. From the iPad, to flying drones, to ‘smart’ sports equipment, participants will walk away with strategies to implement technology in the classroom without minimising ‘active time’.


Being AFL Grand Final Week we are delighted to conduct our unique Professional Sports Panel

Sean_SportsGeek-web The Sport Panel will include AFL Coaches, commentators, players and outgoing AFL Coaches boss and media personality Danny Frawley. This will support our technology theme with participants sharing how technology has changed in their sporting domain. It will give us time to hear expert opinions on the chances for the Brownlow Medal and AFL Grand Finalists.


Who should attend?

If you are involved in Physical Education or Sport at any level this event is here to support your professional learning.
There are areas of interest for:

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Health Teachers
  • eLearning Co-ordinators
  • Outdoor Education Educators
  • Cross Curricular Teachers]

Why you should attend

A must attend for all K-12 Physical Education Staff

  • Participate in a variety of professional learning technology rich breakout sessions
  • Attend high profile keynote addresses
  • Be engaged by the AFL Discussion panel
  • Be informed on how technology is being used in Professional Sport locally, nationally and internationally
  • Gather a plethora of ideas on how technology can be immersed in everyday lessons and training sessions
  • Motivate through technology
  • Improve attendance with technology
  • Improve performance through technology
  • Become a better teacher and coach through technology
  • Explore the various technology displays on show at the technology trade show

Choose from a variety of sessions including:

  • The use of Drones in major sports
  • Altitude Training? What are the benefits
  • The best Apps and the best use of Apps
  • How does social media effect players, teams and clubs?
  • The value of visual displays and touch screen technologies
  • Video Footage is the key
  • Technology and Drugs in Sport
  • Cutting edge technology applications including software and hardware


Where and when is the conference?

Date: April 2016
Time: TBC
Venue: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Cost: TBC

(Includes all keynotes, workshops, trade displays, morning tea and lunch)


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Sponsors & Partners

Vizoo is the main sponsor of this year’s Sports Technology Conference 2016.


Etihad Stadium