The Use of AR Drones in Education

In June 2012, Parrot released the AR.Drone 2.0. After their initial release in 2010, it was one of the first commercially available drones that was affordable to the general public. Armed with a 720p HD camera, filming at 30 frames per second, with an internal 3D magnetometer sensor that automatically stablises itself in mid air,… View Article

Discovering Google for Education – Some insights from Jim Sill

Recently, Jim sill (Google Apps certified trainer and teacher) and Release the Geek provided an extraordinary learning session around discovering and implementing Google Apps in education. After the session, Jim put together some feedback on the session and what learning outcomes participants can expect after attending these sessions. What you found interesting and what you… View Article

Mobile versus Portable – future-proofing your eLearning Strategy

My first conversation with Lachy (a year 6 student in my class) on a Monday morning typically starts with him excitedly proclaiming, “Phill…I’ve got a great app for you!  Check this out!” I immediately give him my full attention – for beyond Twitter, Lachy is a steady source of the most amazing learning tools, all… View Article

The use of technology in Australian Physical Education

A question asked frequently of physical educators is why they would bother introducing technology into their teaching. This often turns into an interesting discussion about what exactly is meant by ‘technology’, which is then typically followed up with concern over the replacement of physical activity by some sort of digital alternative.